Strength and Pride

One’s success is greatly attributed to one’s perspective of himself. One who thinks of himself as fragile and infirm rarely succeeds in life. If you take up the list of most successful men in this world, they would all be stalwart men. But, is that really enough to succeed and carve out your name in history? No. Along with strength of the mind, you need a deep respect for yourself; a reverence of your mind, soul and body. Be proud, however small your achievement is. Be strong, however humongous the hurdle is. With the right amount of strength and pride in oneself, one can achieve anything in life.

Once, Dionysius the tyrant and Aristippus the philosopher had a falling out. Dionysius being offended, placed him at the lowest end of the table; on which Aristippus said, “You wish to make this place more respectable.

Acquiring Wisdom

Aristippus, a disciple of Socrates, once said, “Those who eat most, and who take the most exercise, are not in better health than they who eat just as much as is good for them; and in the same way it is not those who know a great many things, but they who know what is useful who are valuable men.”

In one’s quest for wisdom, often is one derailed from the right tracks. The allure of the ocean of wisdom’s vastness is unimaginable. Often one is tempted to scale the entire surface of wisdom, acquiring immeasurable amounts of knowledge of multiple subject matters. In the end, ending up with great riches but in no way useful for oneself. Being an expert polymath is good for its own sake, but in what way is it going to help your life? Just because you have unbound knowledge on many subjects, issues, disciplines, etc doesn’t mean you are successful in life. It doesn’t make you anymore valuable than you already are. Every person is unique like each set of fingerprints and so are their needs and wants. First, an introspection of one’s own life is needed. One must find out what they need in life and what will lead to their eternal happiness. Then, one has to gain knowledge about how to attain this want of theirs and quench their desires. It is this knowledge that is called Wisdom. Once this knowledge is gained, only then can one be said to be a valuable and wise man.

Why is there such a huge difference between the previous generation and the newer generation?

Why is there such a huge difference between the previous generation and the newer generation? What has contributed to this huge change? Why were the previous generation much more responsible, matured, wise and affectionate? On the other hand why is the current generation more selfish, self-centered, distant, rebellious and incomprehensible?

To put it in a nutshell, its due to the battles we fought. Every human undergoes some sort of struggle and battle during a major part of his life. Its this battle that shapes him, molds him and makes his who he is. The result of this battle is a character that remains attached to him for the rest of his life, even after the battle is won.

The previous generation battles can be categorized as External Battles. They, mostly, fought for family, worked hard to earn money, hard physical labor was involved. The small house, many siblings and family culture contributed to their character development. Hard physical labor for not only theirs but their family’s and sibling’s daily bread and butter made them responsible and affectionate. Having many siblings cultivated a sense of caring and thinking about others. Having faced many hardships at a young age made them strong, wise and dependable. In every step of their life, selflessness was involved. Parents, siblings, friends, relatives, partner, children were the most important things for them. There truly was no ‘I’ in their lives. Just the phrase ‘External Battle’ is self explanatory.

On the other hand, the current generation fights Internal Battles. There is no selflessness involved because there was and is, very little sense of responsibility. Parents are well off due to their hard work and it doesn’t come down to us to provide the morsel of the day. The very few hard work that we do, right from our birth is always for our self. We study hard at school, UG, PG. we get into a company and work our ass off for our self. We fall in love easily and suffer. These are all Internal Battles that involves very little of giving or an external source. The battle we fight on a daily basis are minuscule compared to what the older generation fought. That makes us weak. Slowly, due to our way of life, the little selflessness that we have, diminishes until we reach a stage where we can trust no one, share nothing and help no one. We become distant. Our capacity to comprehend life decreases along with our selflessness, affection for others and empathy. That’s our way of life. Internal Battles are what we fight.

This is the difference between the previous generation and the newer generation.

Matured Love

Why is that, Love that blossoms at an early stage in a person’s life is more doomed to fail than Love that blossoms in a person more mature ? Why do people say its just infatuation not love when it blossoms early? Whats the difference ?

Well for starters, at an immature stage in your life, you wouldn’t know who is the right person for you. You would neither have the foresight nor the wisdom to realize whether this person will be right for us. This is a very important factor.

On the other hand, there is yet an another factor that is to be considered. Let me explain with an example. If I hold out one finger from my hand and ask you, ‘ tell me which is the most important finger ‘, what will be your answer? It will obviously be the one finger I am holding up. On the other hand, if I hold up 5 fingers and ask you, then deciding the most important finger wont be that easy.

Love that blossoms at an immature stage in your life is like that one finger. You don’t have any responsibilities, nothing to take care off and nothing to be worried about. At such a stage, you take what you get. Moreover, love will be the most important thing in your life because your life has very few other entities that are important, in it. In fact love will be the only thing in your life that’s even of some consequence. Hence, when love comes along, you feel like your empty life has a purpose and that its the most important thing ever. On the other hand, when love blossoms at a later stage when you are quite mature, its the case of 5 fingers. You have many important responsibilities, factors and entities in your life – A job for your daily bread and butter, family to take care of and responsibilities to fulfill. In such a stage in your life, if love blossoms and finds a way to remain the most important thing, then that’s true love. At such a point in your life, if you can still say that love is the most important thing above all, more important than any other commitment you have, then that’s what you call a more matured love.

What are the benefits of speaking the Truth

Truth is the most important thing in my Life. Having gone through a few deceiving encounters and experiences, I can very well say that the most important thing in a person’s Life is Truthfulness to themselves and others. This answer of mine is based on Truth in any relationship let it be friends, lovers, husband & wife, etc.

I believe that the ultimate form of understanding can ONLY be achieved with Truthfulness. For example, you say, “I understand X (a friend of yours) very well. I think he is a very practical person”. OK, good for you but do you know why he is a practical person? Do you know what has brought this character into ‘X’? Is it from birth? Or perhaps some experience of life has changed him/her? Without knowing this fact you truly haven’t understood ‘X’. Moreover, to what detail and specificity can you understand someone without knowing the truth about them? You may know whether they are practical or emotional, or short tempered or calm, or an introvert or extrovert. Is that enough? Can you confidently stamp your feet down and say yes I have understood ‘X’? There is only so much you can learn about a person without knowing about their truth, about their past. Why is it that childhood friends are more understanding than passing ones? It’s because they have been together for a long time, have experienced life together and in turn know everything about each other. Hence, they can easily take care of one another. There is an unspeakable bond created between them that transcend the need of a formal and verbal communication. This bond of understanding can only be achieved when you know the Truth about someone.

One of the most important entities in a relationship, without which it cannot function, is Trust. Truth and Trust go hand-in-hand at any juncture in a relationship. One does not exist without the other. Let me give you an example. You take the high road; you do not ask your lover about anything about her past or any truth. You blindly believe everything. You put on this facade that all that matters is the present and future. Oh! Don’t get me wrong. The present and future is all that matters. The past is always the past and is to be forgotten. You sure are right. Fine, imagine you love your girl truly, madly, passionately and then one day you decide to get married. You propose, she accepts. You guys get married. Then on your honeymoon, a guy meets you and tells you that your newlywed wife is already married to him. What would you do? You would beat the shit out of him right? Then again, what if he has evidence? What if your wife has a past that’s not exactly a past but is her present too? Would you be able to confidently tell him to fuck off? No. That’s because you don’t know the truth. Coming back to what I said, the past does not matter. All that matters is the present and the future. Yes, totally true but, without knowing the truth about a person’s past the ultimate form of trust is not a luxury that you can enjoy. Yes you will be able to trust her; yes you can enjoy a life with her but what if something happens? There is always an impending doom waiting to happen. If ever there comes a day when you can give out an open challenge to the world, inviting anyone to say anything about your love and you would still know it then that’s day when you have attained the highest form of trust.

What people don’t understand is that, you are a product of your past. Everything you are now is attributed to the various experiences you have had. Every learning and experience you have had in your past has accumulated and molded you to your present. Saying that the truth about your past is insignificant, is being naive and immature. Can you rise up and shout out to the world that you have a 100 percent trust on someone without knowing everything about them. Nope. Is telling your loved one the truth about your past that difficult? People who say that they live in the present, the now and the past is irrelevant, are blind to the realities of what is happening.

When you can be truthful to someone, gain a higher understanding and cultivate a deeper trust with them, then why throw it away? Being truthful with someone is the only way to their heart. With a more divine understanding and deeper trust, automatically comes love. Truth is the base. Truth is beginning. Truth is Love.

Truth is Life

The Flower that bloomed on a rainy day…

Some flowers bloom in the sun,
some even bloom towards the sun,

Some flowers bloom in the spring,
looking at them just makes us sing,

Some, even in the cold winter,
bloom against the harsh blister,

They prove their undying might,
not once did we feel their plight,

But once there bloomed a lonely flower,
out of time, and into the shower,

Rain it was and the children danced,
they laughed, sung and played pranks,

It felt the pain and sadness from above,
tears just plashed down devoid of love,

Tried to look up and speak a word,
but not one cell in it’s body stirred,

And along came Master of the bend,
“Please lift me up, my lovely friend”,

A tear, from the beautiful cloud, chipped
fell straight into his eyes and dripped,

His petals refused to let go, the tear,
she stopped crying. He said, “I am here”,

Till the time his end drew near,
he held on to it, the Tear.

She flew down for two days and left after 2 years……

I lie on my bed, doors closed and lights turned off. Feel something is missing. Something that was with me for a very long time is now gone. Something powerful. That which portrayed even the nothingness as something . That which made even the emptiness seem full. That which gave a solid purpose. A reality to the lie. A small temporary light in the shadow of darkness.

The 2 earth days spent, seemed like two years to me. A peculiar feeling. Every second spent was a memory. Every walk with her, every ride on the bus, every song we heard, every step we danced. Every moment spent, every smile, every hug, every kiss, every tear that was shed. The comedy, the talk….

Months passed by and years…..

Memories were countless. So much, so many that I can hardly even remember them. You can truly feel that the time you spent is worthwhile, when you can’t remember the memories spent.The Irony! One, two or even ten specialties can be remembered. What if, every waking moment of your life for a few years, every second spent etches an irreplaceable and unforgettable memory in your heart. Do you think your heart can handle that amount of overflowing happiness for such a long time and still remember everything? I couldn’t. It was like as if I were drunk. The moments just flew by, in a state of ecstasy. Every thing was a memory. The past two days have given me memories worth at least for two years. I can hardly remember what went on. At the same time, within the blink of an eye, it was all gone.

What did she do? What made her so special and what made these moments spent, so special? Till before she came, I was laughing, then I smiled. She put a reason behind the empty smile of mine. That which was fake, now became real. My laughs meant to make others happy, suddenly turned towards me. She just sat there, with that bubbly face of hers and I just couldn’t help it. Effortless. A clean task. It was the perfect crime! Mission accomplished with no causalities!

There is an angel in all of us and one just flew right through me. But alas, the problem with these sweet little angles is that, at some point of time, they fly away……………………..

An Arm lost to Love…

One night a man gets up all sweaty and uncomfortable. Was not able to sleep properly. Tries everything, no result. He doesn’t understand the reason.

Slowly, he stars to feel as though his arm is light. As if a pressure has been lifted. As if something is missing. Then it strikes him, until yesterday there was another head sleeping peacefully, on his hand. The weight of another soul on his bones. The pressure of love on his skin. But today its just him all alone.

Her love so powerful, it seeped through his skin, merged with his muscle and engulfed his bones. Now that her love is no longer there, his arms lay there flapping in the wind, lifeless, worthless.

Now he spends his eternity with one arm, and the other lost to LOVE ….

What they truly mean …!!

A woman tells her lover – ” I don’t want you to talk to other girls. Not that i don’t trust you. Just that i don’t want you to spend the rest of your life in a church thanking god for the angel he has given you ”

A guy tells his lover – ” I don’t want you to talk to any guy. Not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that i don’t want you to loose hope in men. Because compared to me, they are a bitter disappointment “

Rebirth …

Sun, stars and space, slow down a second,
obsessed like opium addicts,
to witness, welcome and wallow in her wonderful rebirth, a woman,
a divine Maiden, masquering as the melody of a million maestros,
they Yearn for her, year after year, but alas they yeild themself,
aspiring to attain her everlasting adorable allure.

Born to Love

Born to Love. This post is dedicated to all those people out there who have lost the people they love, more than once.

You fall for someone, it goes on well for sometime. But then things start to go wrong and before you know it you are sitting in one corner of your room with a bottle in one hand and your tear washed face in the other………….You heart heals. For some it might take a mere few days, but for some even years. Then you start to see a small ray of hope. An angelic light, as if heaven wants you back again. And then before you know it, you are out of the hell hole of a break-up. Someone reaches down to the infernal depths of hell, grabs you by your heart and pulls out your damaged soul. There is no eternal damnation. People don’t realize that. Time heals everything. There is no scar time can’t heal, however deep it might have been inflicted. Then you start to fall for them. The fact that they have saved you from the torture of a break-up makes your love for them stronger. This time it feels different, the Love. True er, better, closer and stronger. You start to feel that you have made mistakes in the past. You feel that this person is your true love. Things start to look up and soon you are sitting in the beach with them sleeping peacefully on your shoulder and you find yourself asking the waves to keep it down!. You don’t want to wake up the angel – pure serenity. Everything goes on fine for sometime. Then, one day you wake up and you find yourself again in hell. And this time the fires of separation and the darkness of betrayal seems much more painful.

The higher you go, the harder you fall.
The deeper you go, the more you are lost.

Why? Why this failure again? Why is it happening to you and you alone? How come everyone else is happy and you can’t be? You keep wondering these things. Well let me let you on a secret that i have realized. Because you are – BORN TO LOVE. That’s your life’s purpose. The reason you exist. The reason you were born in this sadness struck world. You want to be happy? Then stop wondering why is THIS happening to you and start thinking why it’s happening to YOU. This is not a curse, its a boon. How many in this world get a chance to make more than one person happy? (Please, i am not talking about those deceiving scum out there in love with many at the same time and faithful to none). You were born to Love. Love is in your Blood. It’s an involuntary action for you. You can’t stop yourself. Is it worth all the pain?? It actually is. How you ask? Well let me put it this way.

Why on earth would anyone be Born to Love? Because you are special. You are THE EXAMPLE. You are the prototype of Love, the starting point. You have to be followed so that the Love becomes special. You set the base for Love. The building of Love is built on you. The building can be demolished, but the base remains. After every destruction, the base slowly depletes. That’s our pain. But the lesson learnt by the other person when they destroy the building of Love is priceless. To put it simply, you were designed this way so that you can teach people to Love. To show them what true Love is and not just to one, but to all. That’s why you get hurt repeatedly. There is so much negativity out in this world that some people should shoulder the burden of cleansing the filth. After breaking up with you, they will think twice before making the same mistake with someone else. You just made someone’s life better. You just made a future relationship better. Think positive and keep thinking positive. You just taught someone what not to do in a relationship. Everybody knows how to love and what to do right. But they don’t know what not to do in a relationship. Teach them what they shouldn’t do and their life will be good. I am not saying you have to be a sacrificial pawn for others to be happy. But doesn’t it give you a small bit of happiness that you just made someone else’s life better? Trust me, you are the bigger man here. You need to understand that. The moment you do that the darkness disappears, the blade stuck permanently in your heart starts to fade.

And you find yourself in calmness………… :)

No Title

Sometimes the purpose of Love is not Love itself.
Sometimes Love doesn’t give you a relationship.
Sometimes Love blooms in your heart just to make you a better person or Self-Realization

We hurt each other a lot. She hurt me and in return i did too. She kept hurting me and pushing me into pain to such an extent that i lost everything. And in return i did the same, pushing her to her absolute limit. We never realized what we were doing to each other until recently. Now, when i look at myself and how i was before a few years, I don’t even recognize myself. Consequently she has changed too, beyond belief. We both have lost most of our emotions but in return have become much stronger than before. We lost something very important but gained something too. Now, this strength will help us face Life much easier, Maybe that was destiny’s plan all along. Maybe there is a fate much worse waiting for us in the future and we were not strong enough to face it. But now we can.

Not every Love in this world becomes reality, but those that don’t, teach us a valuable lesson. Something that you would have never realized on your own.

My Love has not only changed my character but it has made me clear on what i want in life and what kind of a man I am. If you would have asked me few years ago, to tell me something about myself, I would have probably stared blindly into space.Now, I can write essays on who I am and what I am. I know my character, I know what kind of man I am and most importantly I know what I want. Now when someone comes and talks to me I can clearly identify certain things. And if i don’t like it, or its not the truth, i can can tell them to shove it up their ass and get lost !!.

I was watching this movie and heard this dialogue. “We can never be together again. Just so u know, the person you are now, i like “. Do i need to say anything more?!

That’s all there is to it. Not all the Love in this world is blessed with a chance to become reality. If it does become a reality, you are the luckiest person in this world. If it doesn’t, then appreciate what destiny has taught us, thank your ex for those unforgettable memories, lessons and experience, wish them all the best for their future and pray to god for happiness – both yours and theirs. Most importantly, never forget the lessons learnt.

Random Writings – 2

What is the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to find out our purpose in life. And when we do, we are either too old to do anything, or too hurt to be able to do anything.


True love is the one that is lead by the omens. Learn to read them and one day they will bring you the love you seek.


There is one universal language spoken and understood by all. Omens. Once you learn to read the omens in your life, you will achieve true happiness.


There is no Heaven and Hell in this Universe. Only Heaven and Earth!


Sometimes everything goes wrong.. you hate life.. goes more wrong.. you hate yourself.. goes even more wrong.. you get used to it.. further wrong.. you start to like it!.. then one day things seem blindingly bright.. you look back at those years.. the web of hurt, the cocoon of pain spun from all the way back.. finally gave you the wings to find heaven

Soul Saturation

We all need saturation of our soul either in happiness or in sadness, the two most ruling emotions in the world.

There is a difference between being happy and being saturated with happiness. For example, being happy is when you spend a day with your loved one. Saturated with happiness is when you get a feeling deep inside your heart that even fate cannot separate you both. You forget everything in you, let go of your likes and dislikes, loose your identity and find yourself in love. That’s the time when you get this confidence; this crazy ‘whatever happens let it happen, i will be happy’ attitude. This is saturation with happiness. And when your soul is saturated with happiness, no pain seems to affect you. You have flown to a stage in life and will sink no further.

The same goes for sadness. You go through a lot in life. Suffer for months or years together. Pain, suffering, loneliness. (There is a difference between loneliness and saturated with pain. Just because you are alone and don’t feel anything, doesn’t mean that you have had your limit) But eventually you will reach a certain stage in life wherein your soul gets saturated with pain. The same thing happens, you forget everything in you, let go of your likes and dislikes. The only difference – you loose your identity never to find it again. Then again, you get this confidence; this crazy whatever happens let it happen attitude. This is saturation with pain. And when your soul is saturated with pain, nothing seems to affect you. You have hit rock bottom and can sink no further.

Both happiness and sadness are emotions to make us stronger; it all depends on how you see it.

Today’s Love…

Few generations ago, love was simple. Find out someone you like. Slowly fall in love with them. Propose to them. Marry and have kids. Live happily ever after. Things were far more simple back then. But in this 21st century, nothing is that plain. With the passage of time, people evolved and so did Love.

In today’s world, there is – Love, True Love, Relationships.

Love – the people you love, before you find your True love. There is nothing wrong in falling in love again, with someone else. If it doesn’t work out with someone, we break up. We can’t assure ourselves that the first person who we fall in love with, will be our True love.

True love – The one person who matches you, complements you and at the same time completes you. The one who you would like to spend your entire life with. Very few are blessed with true love in their first love itself. The rest have to go through the pain and suffering of break-ups before the perfect person shows up.

Relationship – This is when you firmly decide that you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone and start your future with them.

When things are so clear, why do problems erupt? Why isn’t it simple? Because there exists nothing but a extremely thin veil between these three. We always get confused between love and true love. And between true love and a relationship. They say love is blind. We are the ones, blinded when we fall in love. So blinded, that we refuse to see the subtle wall separating them.

The first mistake that we do – confuse love with true love. We fall in love with someone. As days pass by we get more and more attached to them. Then out of the blue, we start to think that he or she is the perfect match for us. Now this is the point to ‘STOP’. Sit down in one corner and think, what made us feel such a thing. Nothing. We wont be able to come up with any reason as to why they are the perfect person for us. Love blinds us completely. Love is so powerful, it makes us think that they are the perfect match for us, without any reason. Our first mistake. Think. if you are able to come up with a good number of reasons why he or she is the perfect person to spend the rest of our life with, then well and good. Take it to the next level. Make them your true love. Until then don’t. Love has no reason and doesn’t need one. That’s true. But true love does!! The remedy – TAKE IT SLOW!!

The next mistake we do – to think that, true love and relationship are the same. The transition from true love to a relationship is quite fast. We feel that once we find our true love its a relationship. WRONG. True love is not a relationship. Its just a part of it. Trust, understanding, sacrifices and content makes up the base. True love is spread all over them. If even one of the base is broken, your true love will start to crumble. True love is highly dependent on Trust and Understanding. They make up most of the base. Even if the base is broken, true love might still move on, but it will never be the same. Before you start a relationship, sit down and talk. Tell them everything that has happened in your life. Ask them everything. Trust each other. Try to understand each other’s character. Emotional or practical. Strong or weak. Particular or easy going. Form a good understanding. Once this is done, your base will hold up strong and even if you have troubles in your love, you can always build it up again. But once your base is broken, your true love can never sustain on its own. The remedy – build your true love on a strong foundation.

Love Quotes – Part 2


” You know Why we have no control over love?? Because love is not something that you do, its something that does you !! ”


” Love cannot exist without trust, care and affection. But if it still exists inspite of a broken trust, feeble affection and vanishing care, then its very true ”


” If the base for love is trust, understanding and care then its love. If the base for trust, understanding and care is love then its true love ”


” Its not how much you love someone that matters. All that matters is how well you love someone ”


” If you don’t travell on the vehicle of love with wheels of trust through the roads of understanding to the final destination – death, whats the point of even living?? ”


” It is better to be with someone who realizes the value of things but not does not do it, than to be with someone who does things but does not realize its value ”


” When someone expects something from you and you do it even before they ask you, its a coincidence. But when its your lover then its loveincidence !! ”


” If we both were the hour and minute hand of the clock of life. I would move towards the time of love and join with you wishing life would never move !! ”


The most important part of a relationship is understanding. Without understanding its not a relationship. Its just pain love. Until the person maintains their identity without moulding it in accordance to the person they love, its still just love, not a relationship. No two people are ever the same. Every person is different from the other. So when two people start a relationship they have to mould their character, however small it may be.

And this is where understanding comes in. Most of the couples fall in love and start a relationship even without understanding the other person. Then they get into fights and break-up. You ask them the reason, they will say that their characters didn’t match. Of course it didn’t match, its two different people!! Characters are like the rail tracks running side by side. They don’t meet. First we have to understand that. Once we have accepted that fact, then we have to understand the person we love and slowly build the connectors between the tracks.

We have to sit with them or take them out to a calm place and try to understand them. And how do we do that?? First try to learn more about them. Ask them questions about the happenings in their life, right from the time they have matured. Learn more about them and try to understand the impact it might have had on their character. Even a small thing can have a huge impact on one’s character if they are emotional. It varies from person to person. Try to learn more, understand more and realize how and how much their character has changed due to these events. And one more thing – never ever forget these things. If you want even write them down on a piece of paper so that you don’t forget. They are your doorways to happiness. Its very important for one to understand the other for a healthy relationship.

Now you may ask me why ?? Why should i understand their character. Two reasons. Firstly, no two people are the same. Differences exists however small they might be. And secondly, relationships are not like how they used to be in the olden days. People fall in love, easily understand each other and are made for life. Reason being, the differences in people’s characters were a lot less than how it is today. Again the reason for that, they used to be simple and straightforward. How does the character of a person change?? Some incident has happened that has changed one’s character. Back then things used to be less complex and straight. So the characters were somewhat similar and that fueled the love. But things have evolved. Things have become much more complex. We indulge in many activities and get ourselves into many things. Each of which, however small it might be, has its own impact on us. So its very important that we understand the workings of their mind and the feelings of their heart.

And after that try to mould, not change your character. If you have to change your character to a large extent then its not worth it. Well, anyway thats a different issue. So whenever you bath have a difference of opinion or fight, try to understand why they are behaving like that. To you it might look odd and unreasonable. But for them its normal because thats their character. At the same time, we don’t have to adjust to everything they do. (Moreover i am not talking about the extreme cases whose actions intentionally hurt and cause pain or seems too illogical) Only some things that have to be understood and adjusted.

In due course of time we will learn to forget the small things and learn to forgive them. And once you have truely understood them, there will come a stage when you don’t need to forgive them.

And remember, a relationship without understanding is nothing more than love. And with love alone, a relationship cannot be sustained, however strong the love may be. It will eventually fall. Its not how much you love someone that matters. Its how well you love someone that really matters. And that depends on understanding. And if you are not able to understand the person you love or not able to mould your character then there is no use of continuing the relationship, however strong your love is. Its better to let go of the person so that atleast they don’t suffer.

Love and True Love

” If in a relationship, the base for love is trust understanding and care, then its love.
On the other hand, if in a relationship the base for trust understanding and care is love itself, then its true love.

Love cannot exist without trust, care and affection. But if love still exists beyond a broken trust, feeble affection and vanishing care, then its very true. ”

When two people fall in love and get committed, a relationship begins. A relationship is formed when not only love, but care, affection and trust all come into play. A committed relationship is formed when a person starts to exhibit all these feelings for the other person. Now whether the relationship is love or true love depends on what is the base factor here. We have no control whatsoever on the matter. When the perfect person comes along your love automatically becomes true. All the people in your life until then are just love, not true love.

At first you fall in love with someone. Then all the elements of trust, affection and care are infused with love. Now that becomes a relationship. Then, there comes a time when the base of the relationship and love is formed – trust, affection and care. Till this point its still love between you both, not true love. This means, when the trust is broken or the affection starts to fade out and the care begins to vanish away, slowly the love degrades and so does the relationship. The love is based on the other factors. Its depended. Love is not the reason for the relationship. Its a part of the relationship and the base turns out to be the trust, care and affection.

But then comes a time in your relationship when there is a huge fight or a rip off of some sort. A problem. We all might have sat down and wondered at some point of time in our relationships – why?? Why all these fights?? What the point in all these problems and suffering?? Well, the point of all this is to separate the love from true love. And in that troubled time, there will a moment. A moment to feel whether its worth it. Whether the love is worth all the trouble, problems and issues. Whether the love is worth it even after your trust is broken or there is no affection anymore. If you feel yes, then you will realize it. One single instance of time when everything is turned over. The base for the relationship is not trust, care and affection anymore. Its love. The base of your whole existence is love. And the trust, affection and care become a part of the relationship. Meaning even when the trust is broken or the affection fades away or the care vanishes, the love still remains. And that love keeps the relationship going on until there comes a point where everything comes back to you again. The love is no longer depended on any other feeling. Its not based on anything. The reason for the relationship is not trust, its love. Love is not supposed to have a reason. It is the reason. Thats true love.

Where did you come from…


“ An angel clad in red,
Descends from deep heaven,
The thirst of love is fed,
The earth becomes a haven “


” Tender and soft her love seems,
inside her heart affections grow,
never ending care her soul gleams,
and to me it all does pour ! ”


And where did you go….


” I may pretend to ignore you,
Pretend to enjoy the goings of life,
But deep inside I am dying to be with you,
Dying for you to love me like my wife ”


” She stabbed me in my heart and stabbed hers as well,
I said ” but why, love was all around us in the air “,
Killed me for a sin to fly straight down to hell,
For she thought even her soul must not be drenched in the love filled air ”


” I opened my eyes to see you but you left,
Pitch black darkness everywhere and everyday i wept,
I closed my eyes and could feel the love that was left,
Pierced my eyes out, blind to float among your memories kept ”


” Sorry for the pain that you generously gifted me,
Sorry for the tears that blossomed from my eyes,
Sorry for the darkness thats ever meant to be,
Come back to my heart baby I apologize !! ”